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Lachlan Mitchell


Hey there, I'm Lachlan.

I secure and develop software at ExaWizards Inc., a Tokyo-based company focused on solving social issues with artificial intelligence. My work consists of designing and implementing a number of secure applications. These projects span across a variety of sectors, including finance, medicine, and robotics.

Previously, I worked as a machine learning engineer for the University of Adelaide. Before that, I created government and enterprise mobile applications at Appvation. I'm particularly adept at full-stack platform development, security engineering, and cryptography.

When I'm not working, I enjoy watching films and playing retro video games with my wife, Trang Anh.

I can be reached via (forwarding address). If you'd like to get in touch with me securely, please use my public key (ID 20F7 6293 F529 5405, fingerprint 738B C9EA 7188 7252 D68A 08D6 20F7 6293 F529 5405) to encrypt your outgoing transmissions.

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